Farmhouse Il Giardino Acone Rufina Tuscany

Farmhouse in the Chianti Rufina

Life on the farm

Animali (12)Animali (9)Fattoria didattica (7)Fattoria didattica (10)For many years the Agriturism Il Giardino has invited children, schools and families to visit the farm and experience first-hand life working with animals and life in the countryside.

We are a farm dedicated to educating future generations about countryside, our hope is that we give children and adults who maybe are unfamiliar with country living the chance to see and experience it for themselves so that they can understand just how important approach it is to future of the planet.


We offer 2 different visiting experiences:

- Animal Life on the farm

Accompanied by Gabrio, the owner of the farm children and families visit the animal pens going in and coming directly in contact with the animals on the farm.
The farm has many animals to see including Horses, donkeys, ducks, chickens, pigs and pigeons.
The objective is to help children understand through observing and touching the animals their different characteristics and their role in countryside, and the lives of all of us.
The visit finishes with our “battesimo della sella” a visit to the stable, loved by the children where they get a chance to see ride on one of our horses.

Tours available from 1st April to 30th September.


- Olives and Oil

The visit begins in the Olive groves where you have the opportunity to hand pick the olives (the tradition method used for centuries) and a chance to see the various methods now used to help speed up the process.
We will then take the olives we have collected to the “Frantoio”, the olive pressing plant of our farm to observe and understand the processes used to produce the fine extra virgin olive oil.
The visit concludes with a chance to sample the new olive oil on locally produced bread.

Tour available from 15th October to 15th December.